About Us

 The Key to Luxury is Simple

Artisanal Luxury with an emphasis on timeless elegance 

Handcrafted Italian Design

Our bags are made with the best of Italian craftsmanship, culture, and traditions, with a modern perspective which is both strong and romantic.

A lifetime of artisanal handcrafted Italian design and luxury.

Each piece in a Persaman collection has its own passion, love, curiosity, and compassion to represent a philosophy for creating a beautiful world with beautiful people.

Persaman Story

Persaman New York Founder and Designer, Saman, has always chosen to play the role that suits her best. Creative, hard working, passionate with a very keen detail to the aesthetic. Saman has dedicated her professional and personal life to creativity. The Persaman Logo has become a symbol of fabulous clothing, impeccably handcrafted handbags, shoes, and unique accessories. She has given her brand a major push, making it a "temple of fashion" all a homage to her Italian creativity, history, and craftsmanship.
With her belief in sustainable products, Saman personally supervises local artisans who work to handcraft her styles. When it comes to her products it's the stories that inspire all of us. They can be found in her designs and in her creations, in the communities, individuals and the non profits she supports and works with on our planet.