When it comes to our products, it's the stories behind them that inspire all of us. The BABI foundation was created to build communities across the country. The foundation started off with a few students and a few classrooms. BABI today serves over 947 students in India. With over 900 students, the classrooms became filled pretty quickly with 60 children in a classroom at one time. Many students have to sit outside during lectures and it can be very difficult because there aren’t enough seats. The teachers try to do the best they can but with so many students it can be hard for the teacher to answer all students’ questions. Persaman is dedicated to giving back to the community with the BABI foundation and would like to give all proceeds on our featured scarf to the BABI Foundation. Your proceeds to this charity will help the students tremendously on receiving a free education in a comfortable environment. Our students truly appreciate the daily meals and free education they receive and deserve.