How to Style a Crossbody Bag

How to Style a Crossbody Bag

It's official: Crossbody bags are a fashion staple. 

The crossbody bag is arguably one of the most wearable trends to hit the fashion world. These bags are practical, comfortable, and simple to style.

Are you looking for creative ways to rock the trend or update your classics?

Steal the show with these crossbody bag styling tips.

Choosing a Crossbody Bag

You can't go wrong wearing a crossbody bag with nearly any outfit. With that being said, you should invest in a bag that suits your lifestyle and compliments your personality

You should always consider your bags to be investment pieces. Any fashion-lover knows that the right bag can make or break an outfit, so choose wisely!

Sweat the Details

Crossbody bags come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. If you prefer an elegant, refined outfit, consider a bag with dainty chain details. Gemstones, handles, and clasps have a major effect on the overall style of the bag!

Size matters when it comes to handbags. If you are a friend who is prepared for any scenario, an oversized crossbody bag may be just what you need. Or check out a mini bag if you prefer to travel light.

Coordinate Your Colors

Before purchasing your new favorite bag, take a look at your wardrobe and consider what colors you wear most. Do you prefer silver or gold hardware? Are you more likely to wear black and white or pastel tones? 

Choose a bag that falls within your general color scheme. Go with neutral colors to complement any closet, or go bold with a bright pop of color. Basing your bag off your closet will ensure you get plenty of wear out of it!

Styling Your Crossbody Bag

After you've acquired your perfect bag, it's time to show it off! Of course, there's no "right" or "wrong" way to style anything when it comes to fashion. Wear whatever makes you feel true to yourself. 

With that being said, there's more than one way to wear a crossbody bag. Don't be afraid to try new things! Keep reading to learn how you can mix up your crossbody style and keep your outfits fresh. 

Cross Your Heart

Obviously, you can wear your bag over one shoulder and across your torso. This classic method is great for styling oversized tops and loose dresses. Wearing the strap or chain across your torso guides the eye down the body, emphasizing your curves while making you appear long and lean. 

Front and Center

This style is similar to the crossbody method but with a modern twist. Throw the strap across your body, then turn the purse so that it rests on your lower belly. Let that beautiful face shine forward!

On the Wild Side 

Toss the strap over one shoulder and let your bag hang by your side. Having your bag in arm's reach is super handy. Plus, the strap won't distract from a beautiful neckline or graphic print top.

Got Your Back

This is a really unique way to wear your bag if you've got adjustable straps! Shorten the crossbody strap so that the bag sits under your armpit, then twist it around until the bag rests between your shoulder blades. This looks great with street-style outfits!

Flick of the Wrist

Does your bag have chains or thin straps? Wrap the strap a few times around your wrist like a bracelet, then hold the bag by your thighs. This style is super cute for events and Instagram photo ops!

Double Dare

What's better than one crossbody bag? Two crossbody bags. Pick two identical bags or one small and one large bag, then throw them on in an "X" over your chest for a cool look that's sure to turn heads.

So Many Minis

This trend looks amazing with multiple mini crossbody bags in different colors. Align two or three mini bags at your hips and throw all of the straps over one shoulder. This simple look is so edgy and effortless!

Amp It Up with Accessories

Investing in a good, quality crossbody bag is the first step to achieving the trend. The next is to personalize your look by jazzing up your bag! You can easily switch out these additions to match your look or mood. 

The Scarf Tie

Grab your favorite silk scarf or bandana and tie it around one strap. Let your shorter scarves hang loose, or whip your longer scarves into a cute bow. Scarves add a new pop of color, texture, and dimension to your look!

The Chain Reaction

Who doesn't love shiny things? Clip one or more short silver, gold, or gemstone chains onto your crossbody bag. You can use a chain as a second handle or just to add a bit of glamour!

Perfect Style is In The Bag

The crossbody bag is one of few bag trends that stays fashionable year-in and year-out. Always trendy, edgy, and romantic, the crossbody adds flair to any outfit. Try these tips for flawless styling, or think outside the box with rules of your own!

Styling the perfect outfit starts with investing in the right pieces. Are you looking for the perfect crossbody bag to add to your wardrobe? Shop our collection of luxury Italian leather bags!

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