Guide to Choosing Travel Backpack for Women

Guide to Choosing Travel Backpack for Women

There is no substitute for Italian leather. It has a texture and durability that is unlike anything else, and then there is that smell. Italy first developed and refined techniques in what is now called leather tanning as far back as the days of ancient Rome. These methods still survive today. There are a few things that every consumer should know before purchasing, especially if you are looking for the best travel backpack for women.

When choosing the best travel backpack for women, It’s all about the leather

The hides used for premium leather products are treated in a process called vegetable tanning. The word vegetable is used because the leather is coated in organic tannins, such as tree bark, plaint oils, and extract from fruits. Leather tanning is a multistage process, sometimes taking as long as sixty days. After this is done, the leather takes on a kind of earthly smell to it and exhibits a shinny, water resistant coating. Over time, the leather will become softer and more supple, instead of becoming stiff and dry. These are the characteristics to look for when trying to find the best travel backpack for women.

Why there is confusion in the marketplace

Regulations in Europe are partly to blame for the obsession people have with Italian leather. The European Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) system trademarks words to give information about product origins and quality control. For example, when the word “Scotch” means that the whiskey was produced in Scotland by means and methods developed there. What you see is what you get. This has set a precedent for many people to think that when they see the words “Italian leather” printed on a garment, it must carry the same regulatory and quality control swager as the word Scotch.

When the words Italian leather appear on a garment, it just means that the leather was produced somewhere in Italy. Within Italy there is an entire spectrum of leather produced that varies greatly in quality. One Italian leather bag might last forty years and always seems to age better and better every year. Another one might become stiff and start to disintegrate after five years. The biggest indicator of quality is not where the bag was made, but whether or not the leather was vegetable tanned. When choosing the best travel backpack for women, always keep an eye out for the water resistant shine and the earthly smell. We all want our things to survive the elements. Only vegetable tanning can make a leather item robust enough to last through the years of regular use.
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