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About Us

Persaman is a global, luxurious lifestyle brand. Saman is the chairman, CEO and lead designer for the brand. The collection is known for its beautiful prints, Italian leather handbags, luxurious silks ready to wear, accessories and home. The Persaman girl is not one specific person, but she is the muse and a large part of Saman's vision for her collection. She is a modern bohemian, who loves to travel the world and respects artists. 

"I've always loved dressing up and dressing my friends," says Saman, the designer for Persaman New York. The New York native has her own unique sense of style of a combination of vintage, handmade and contemporary clothing.

Our Story

Twenty Years after being founded in New York City, Persaman New York remains a life style brand and a destination for women who want modern bohemian clothing, accessories, home and gifts that reflect their own lives, passions from their homes, arts, travel and entertainment. With our belief in sustainable products, we personally supervise and hire local artisans who work together to handcraft a lot of our products.

The Story of Compassion

When it comes to our products, it's the stories behind them that inspire all of us. They can be found in our designs and in our creations - in the communities, individuals and the non profits that we support and work with on our planet. Our foundation, " BABI" gives work to women and educates a lot of children and specificaly campaigns at educating the girl child. A part of Persaman New York profits goes to BABI.

Causes we Support

The Arts and Dance . We proudly support the arts. We support organizations that make art and dance fun and easily accessible to everyone.

Children and families

Persaman New York supports healthy eating and strong families. Healthy eating in schools and we teach our young learners how to read programs for a great future.

Organic and happy planet

From local farmer's markets, we encourage organic foods and buying farm fresh produce from local markets.

It takes nearly two months to handcraft a Persaman soap bar because we make it the old fashioned way by hand and from organic foods. Only this 300 year old process gives us this amazing bar of soap for the most gentle, sensitive skin.

All our products are free of artificial colors, fragrances, preservatives or any synthetics. We use Rosemary Extract as a natural preservative. No animal products animal testing or animal by-products. At Persaman, organic and natural skin care have a meaning. We want to offer an alternative to people who want organic and natural chemical free soaps, shampoos and more. With love from Mother Earth.

Interested in partnering with Persaman New York to bring a little love to your community. Email us at